Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Social Justice Event #2: Unslut

Social Justice Event #2: Unslut

Interestingly enough, I was able to go to this event and see the movie "Unslut" as part of a project that my brother's school was presenting.  I took the opportunity to go simply because I wasn't able to make the one that was presented on campus, and I wanted to fulfill the requirements.  However, I wasn't expecting to be as intrigued and interested by the movie, as I feel like it was a genuinely eye-opening experience.  I didn't realize slut-shaming was as significant as it is, and the movie is really eye-opening to what girls in particular have to go through.

As a guy, our culture has always told me that it's "cool" to be a guy that is able to get a bunch of girls.  While I'm not someone that's always adopted that mentality, I've never been criticized for my sexual activity or choices.  To see the way it was presented in this movie as a huge, significant double standard is quite bizarre.  Why is it that we do this?  The movie (for a brief summary, as I know some of you have already seen it) is essentially focused around a girl named Emily who after having sex begins to experience slut shaming, and so she creates an online movement to reach out to others who have gone through something similar and also get some comfort herself.  

It's interesting too, not just the Unslut movie, but people like Amber Rose who have taken steps to try and bring about change.  Girls don't deserve to be shamed for being comfortable with their own bodies and making decisions.  I don't understand why we're so into double standards as a society, and I feel as though if we could be more fair, things would be way different in a good way.

Connections to text/course: I think more than anything else, this connects to Ferguson's writing and the Sex Positivity and the things we did in class with the woman who came in and talked to us about Sex Positivity.  The entire Unslut project is about women having control over their own bodies and being able to make their own decisions.  I think it's one of the more important things that we learned because it has to do with freedom of choice, and gender shouldn't matter.

Video: I think the video is interesting just because it gives a perspective on how men feel about slut shaming.  If you're interested, there are a few other links in the description of that video that include women's responses to the subject as well.  It's a good video that I think is worth the watch.

Questions/Points: Does anyone else have a different opinion on this? It seems like such a simple solution to a big problem that shouldn't be a problem at all.  Let's just be better as people and stop with the double standards...

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