Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Having a Bit of Trouble Accessing the Tough Guise Movie...Can anyone help?

I'm a bit late with the blog, but I haven't actually been able to watch the movie yet.  When I try accessing it through the link in the syllabus, it asks me for a code of some kind, which I have no idea of.  I'm thinking it might be like a library card or something, but I have no idea.  Did anyone else have a similar problem?


  1. Just like the other films we have watched, you need your library card barcode in order to access it. The barcode is the long number on the front of the card. When you type that in, you will get access to streaming video. If you get stuck, call the library help desk and they can also talk you through it. Good luck!

    1. Oh, that makes sense. I was actually able to find the last one online without having to go through the library, so this is the first time I've had to do it. I actually don't have a library card so I'm going to stop by the library tomorrow on campus and get one so I can get it all done! Sorry for the delay!